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Bratsa Bonifacho

Bonifacho: 2014 Exhibition Catalog
Bonifacho: 2012 Exhibition Catalog
Bonifacho: 2011 Exhibition Catalog

  Bratsa Bonifacho - Taboo XX-Y

Taboo XX-Y
oil on canvas
54 X 48 in.
  Bratsa Bonifacho - It's About

It's About
oil on canvas
52 X 54 in.
  Bratsa Bonifacho - Alpha Canis Majoris

Alpha Canis Majoris
oil on canvas
54 X 54 in.
  Bratsa Bonifacho - Grazioso Sempre

Grazioso Sempre
oil on canvas
42 X 42 in.
  Bratsa Bonifacho - Keccak

oil on canvas
48 X 48 in.
  Bratsa Bonifacho - ISMS

oil on canvas
36 X 36 in.
  Bratsa Bonifacho - Intercepted Ciphertext

Intercepted Ciphertext
oil on canvas
42 X 42 in.
  Bratsa Bonifacho - Koya Er

Koya Er
oil on canvas
36 X 36 in.
  Bratsa Bonifacho - POS-79R

oil on canvas
60 X 42 in.
  Bratsa Bonifacho - La Favorita

La Favorita
oil on canvas
36 X 36 in.
  Bratsa Bonifacho - Horoscope De

Horoscope De
oil on canvas
42 X 48 in.
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Bratsa Bonifacho

Bonifacho was born in 1937 as WWII began to spread across Europe. Caught as a child in the bombings of Belgrade, his experiences of war and man’s self-destructive nature are inextricably bound in his paintings. His recent work maintains his characteristic grid structure as well as the energy that asserts itself in brilliant explorations of colour, language and the cadences of classical music. Of his work, Bonifacho says, “The source of my art is the comprehension and channeling of strong emotions stemming from observation, current events or epiphanic memory: thoughts of environmental devastation; or blatant injustice; or peak moments of optimism and ecstasy. I see subjective awareness as the fuel of creative fire, and for a sustained body of work the emotive energy must be profound.”

Bonifacho achieved a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Belgrade, Serbia and then continued his painting studies in Germany. After working and exhibiting extensively throughout Europe, he immigrated to North America, where he established his permanent home and studio in Vancouver, Canada.

In the mid-1960s, Bonifacho attracted a large measure of media atten¬tion by painting bold shapes in bright colours on the rooftops of Belgrade. This activity came to be popularly referred to as "Eyes Over Belgrade."  His work continues to be celebrated by the international community, and can be found in corporate and national collections in Yugoslavia, Italy, Brazil, Germany, England, Australia, Japan, Argentina, Canada, and the US. He has been exhibiting with Foster/White since 2004
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Bonifacho 2014
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