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Chase Langford - Painting

Chase Langford: 2018 Exhibition Catalog
Chase Langford: 2016 Exhibition Catalog

  Chase Langford - Emerald Bay 24

Emerald Bay 24
oil on canvas
36 X 60 in.
  Chase Langford - Blake Island

Blake Island
oil on canvas
40 X 70 in.
  Chase Langford - Fleetrock

oil on canvas
30 X 42 in.
  Chase Langford - Harrison 2

Harrison 2
oil on canvas
25.5 X 72.5 in.
  Chase Langford - Willapa Valley

Willapa Valley
oil on canvas
36 X 48 in.
  Chase Langford - Lucas Point (Pacific Grove)

Lucas Point (Pacific Grove)
oil on canvas
30 X 70 in.
  Chase Langford - Mojave Dunes

Mojave Dunes
oil on canvas
40 X 70 in.
  Chase Langford - Emerald Bay 25

Emerald Bay 25
oil on panel
22 X 44 in.
  Chase Langford - Redlands

oil on canvas
40 X 54 in.
  Chase Langford - Catalina Basin

Catalina Basin
oil on canvas
42 X 60 in.
  Chase Langford - Farallon Islands

Farallon Islands
oil on panel
20 X 46 in.
  Chase Langford - New Umbria

New Umbria
oil on canvas
48 X 72 in.
  Chase Langford - Coachella 1

Coachella 1
oil on canvas
28 X 54 in.
  Chase Langford - Mara Camp

Mara Camp
oil on canvas
30 X 60 in.
  Chase Langford - Kern Canyon

Kern Canyon
oil on canvas
54 X 28 in.
  Chase Langford - Taos

oil on canvas
24 X 48 in.
  Chase Langford - Aqua Bay

Aqua Bay
oil on canvas
36 X 60 in.
  Chase Langford - Yorkshire Fields

Yorkshire Fields
oil on canvas
48 X 24 in.
  Chase Langford - Arles 2

Arles 2
oil on canvas
30 X 24 in.
  Chase Langford - Bryce 3

Bryce 3
oil on canvas
30 X 48 in.
  Chase Langford - Tanzania 2

Tanzania 2
oil on canvas
38 X 70 in.
  Chase Langford - Hampton Bays

Hampton Bays
oil on canvas
24 X 60 in.
  Chase Langford - Moab

oil on canvas
48 X 36 in.
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Chase Langford

Chase Langford’s painting practice emerges from a lifelong fascination with the endlessly varied forms of the natural world. This fascination began during childhood, and grew rapidly; by his teens, Langford had gathered a personal collection of over 1000 atlases and maps. His cartographic impulse quickly carried over to his studies in geography at UC Santa Barbara, and later to a job creating maps for faculty at UCLA. In the 1980s, with a perspective deeply informed by the rich visual patterns of the organic world, Langford began exploring ways in which he could integrate cartography and fine art. Equipped with skills in both life drawing and ceramics, he began a painting career inspired by natural phenomena both intimate and vast.

His stacks of brightly contrasting pigment recall sedimentary cross-sections as much as they do aerial views of rivers, valleys, and rock formations. Langford begins his canvases with impulsive mark-making, a technique that forms and gentles to a refinement of aesthetic in abstract, layered shapes. Graphic and linear, compositions nonetheless undulate across the canvas with a water-like flow; concentric circles of color are dense and distinct deposits, unmistakably reminiscent of rock strata formed over thousands of years.

Langford’s work is prominently displayed in residential and corporate collections worldwide, including the Four Seasons in Hong Kong, the Park Hyatt Aviara in California, and Nordstrom stores nationwide. He currently works from his studio in Los Angeles, California.

Chase Langford’s next exhibition will be May 2016 at Foster/White Gallery.
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