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Clare Belfrage

Clare Belfrage: 2013 Exhibition Catalog

  Clare Belfrage - Leaf Lace #5313 (Olivine)

Leaf Lace #5313 (Olivine)
hand blown glass
9.5 X 5.9 X 1.6 in.
  Clare Belfrage - Open Work #1313

Open Work #1313
hand blown glass
13.75 X 17 X 2.5 in.
  Clare Belfrage - Open Work #1413

Open Work #1413
hand blown glass
12 X 11.75 X 3 in.
  Clare Belfrage - Open Work #6413

Open Work #6413
hand blown glass
7 X 8.5 X 2 in.
  Clare Belfrage - Open Work #3413

Open Work #3413
hand blown glass
11 X 13 X 2.5 in.
  Clare Belfrage - Untitled #41211 (aubergine on alabaster)

Untitled #41211 (aubergine on alabaster)
hand blown glass
15 X 15 X 2.5 in.
  Clare Belfrage - Passage #40

Passage #40
hand blown glass
15 X 14 X 3 in.
  Clare Belfrage - Passage #37

Passage #37
hand blown glass
16.5 X 8.1 X 2.4 in.
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Clare Belfrage

Clare Belfrage was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1966. She earned a BFA from the Monash University and from 1991-92 she trained at the Jam Factory, Australia’s largest and longest running hot glass studio. In January 2009 she became the Creative director for Canberra Glassworks in Canberra, Australia. Watch Belfrage and her team create new work by clicking here.

Belfrage's work is included in numerous private collections and the public collections of the Museo do Vidro, Portugal and the Australian National Gallery, Canberra. Belfrage’s work is inspired by nature, more specifically the small details, growth and movement. She arranges long, thin threads of glass in a repetitive order across a hand blown glass form until it is completely covered. Only three to six of these threads can be flamed on at one time, the process is slow but mimics the rhythm of the concept.

In the summer of 2005 Belfrage won the Tom Malone Glass Prize. The acquisitive award places Belfrage's "Ridge Lines #24" in the collection of the Art Gallery of Western Australia. She was also the recipient of an Individual Project Grant to develop and exhibit new work from the Australia Council for the Arts. A grouping of five of Belfrage's sculptures are featured on the cover of Margot Osborne's book "Australian Glass Today" emphasizing her position at the forefront of the Australian glass movement.
Exhibition Catalog