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Casey McGlynn

Casey McGlynn: 2016 Exhibition Catalog
Casey McGlynn: 2013 Exhibition Catalog
Casey McGlynn: 2012 Exhibition Catalog
Casey McGlynn: 2010 Exhibition Catalog

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  Casey McGlynn - Look Through My Things, Figure Me Out

Look Through My Things, Figure Me Out
mixed media on canvas
50.5 X 55.5 in.
  Casey McGlynn - From the Beginning and to the End of Time

From the Beginning and to the End of Time
mixed media on canvas
60 X 60 in.
  Casey McGlynn - Never Feel Sad

Never Feel Sad
mixed media on canvas
48 X 72 in.
  Casey McGlynn - How to Draw a Pony

How to Draw a Pony
mixed media on canvas
24 X 48 in.
  Casey McGlynn - Keep it out of the house

Keep it out of the house
mixed media on canvas
36 X 60 in.
  Casey McGlynn - Emotional Journey

Emotional Journey
mixed media on canvas
24 X 30 in.
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Casey McGlynn

As a child in rural Ontario, Casey McGlynn sat in front of the television and tirelessly drew on old grocery bags and scrap paper, creating self-taught surrealist pop art. Reoccurring symbols from his life emerge in McGlynn’s work, and are often multi-representational.  The large man may be McGlynn, the bird is a woman friend, and horses are symbolic of his past life and memories. Birds from his studio window flutter across the canvas as compositional elements, and numbers from memorized math tables are interjected between phrases.  

Painting and creating art is a way for McGlynn to make sense of a chaotic world, “painting is the only time in my life that I’m not constantly thinking and over-analyzing everything I do.”  

McGlynn graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1997, and has exhibited throughout Canada and the United States. His work is in public and private collections in New York, Hong Kong, and Canada.  In 2005 the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art in Colorado had a retrospective of his autobiographical work. McGlynn’s works can be found in a number of private and public collections in both Canada and the US. Most recently his work was acquired for the HBC Global Art Collection in New York.
Exhibition Catalogs
McGlynn 2013
McGlynn 2012