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George Rodriguez - New Works
New Works   Scepters   Sculpture   

George Rodriguez: 2017 Exhibition Catalog
George Rodriguez: 2016 Exhibition Catalog
George Rodriguez: 2014 Exhibition Catalog
George Rodriguez: 2012 Exhibition Catalog
George Rodriguez: 2011 Exhibition Catalog

  George Rodriguez - Dreamer

ceramic with glaze
44 X 21 X 16 in.
  George Rodriguez - Monkey : Doll

Monkey : Doll
11.5 X 8.25 X 3.75 in.
  George Rodriguez - Monkey : Totto

Monkey : Totto
12.5 X 8.5 X 4 in.
  George Rodriguez - Monkey : Top Knot

Monkey : Top Knot
12.5 X 8.5 X 3.5 in.
  George Rodriguez - Monkey : Peanut

Monkey : Peanut
12.75 X 9.25 X 3.75 in.
  George Rodriguez - Monkey : Monina

Monkey : Monina
11.5 X 8.25 X 3.5 in.
  George Rodriguez - Monkey : Maurice

Monkey : Maurice
13.25 X 8.5 X 3.5 in.
  George Rodriguez - Monkey : Langur

Monkey : Langur
12.5 X 8.5 X 3.75 in.
  George Rodriguez - Monkey : Jiggs

Monkey : Jiggs
12.25 X 9 X 4.25 in.
  George Rodriguez - Monkey : Emperor

Monkey : Emperor
13 X 8.5 X 3.75 in.
  George Rodriguez - Monkey : Halo

Monkey : Halo
12.5 X 8.75 X 3.75 in.
  George Rodriguez - Monkey : Homo

Monkey : Homo
12 X 7.5 X 3.5 in.
  George Rodriguez - Monkey: Capuchin

Monkey: Capuchin
12.5 X 8.75 X 7 in.
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George Rodriguez

In 2010, the Bonderman Travel Fellowship took Seattle ceramist George Rodriguez across 26 countries over 10 months. What he brought back was a fresh perspective on culture, fashion, architecture and how we use decoration to express ourselves.  Rodriguez says, “I was able to feast my eyes on objects and cultures that I had only seen in books. My world expanded and my community grew. This propelled me to think about my work and community on a larger scale and encouraged me to make work that would cross cultural lines.” George’s work blends his interest in human psychology, community and love for decoration and embellishment.

Rodriguez has exhibited throughout Washington, New Mexico and Texas. In addition to the Bonderman Travel Fellowship, he has been awarded the Regina Brown Undergraduate Student Fellowship, the New Mexico Potter’s Guild Award, the Award of Excellence for Sculpture from the University of El Paso, the Catherine Crowell Belk Art Scholarship and the Manual Acosta Memorial Art Scholarship

George Rodriguez has work in the permanent collection of the National Mexican Museum of Art in Chicago, IL. His work will be exhibited in the museum's 2016 Annual Day of the Dead show. George was featured on the August 2015 cover of American Craft Council Magazine. He was a featured artist and lecturer at the 2015 SOFA Chicago Exposition.
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