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Paul Vexler

Paul Vexler: 2015 Exhibition Catalog
Paul Vexler: 2012 Exhibition Catalog
Paul Vexler: 2011 Exhibition Catalog

  Paul Vexler - Unknot

48 X 38 X 32 in.
  Paul Vexler - Figure Eight

Figure Eight
44 X 36 X 34 in.
  Paul Vexler - Infinite Knot

Infinite Knot
120 X 48 X 46 in.
  Paul Vexler - Standing Figure Eight

Standing Figure Eight
82 X 44 X 32 in.
  Paul Vexler - Metropolitan

65 X 80 X 72 in.
  Paul Vexler - Cobra

116 X 62 X 48 in.
  Paul Vexler - Blue is Beautiful, through May 2016 at the Boise Art Museum

Blue is Beautiful, through May 2016 at the Boise Art Museum
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  Paul Vexler - Skewered Orange Loops

Skewered Orange Loops
82 X 48 X 42 in.
  Paul Vexler - Bitter End

Bitter End
48 X 30 X 34 in.
  Paul Vexler - Blue Step

Blue Step
73 X 50 X 29 in.
  Paul Vexler - Cobra with Squiggle

Cobra with Squiggle
94 X 48 X 40 in.
  Paul Vexler - Twisted

168 X 408 X 142 in. Dimensions vary
  Paul Vexler - Metro Nashville Arts Commission, Nashville, Tennessee

Metro Nashville Arts Commission, Nashville, Tennessee
Contact the gallery for commission opportunities.
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Paul Vexler

As a sculptor, Paul Vexler’s interest lies in creating a visual and spatial experience within an environment. His delicate wood sculptures have evolved from his understanding of geometry in the natural world. This attraction to the intersections of art, mathematics and science inform his tall, twisting laminations in his current body of work.

Paul Vexler received his BFA from Penn State University in 1969. He began his career as a high school art teacher in the 1970s and successfully ran his own construction and wood products manufacturing business for 30 years. He has created installations for the Bellevue Arts Museum, Everett Community College and the Lynnwood Convention Center. His work is found in public collections in Everett, WA and Taipai, Taiwan.

Vexler's largest installation to date, 'Blue is Beautiful,' along with four freestanding sculptures created for the Boise Art Museum's 'Ribbons' exhibition will be on display through May 2016.

Paul Vexler was a featured artist at the 2015 SOFA Chicago Exposition.

Exhibition Catalogs
Vexler 2015
Vexler 2012
Vexler 2011