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Mark Rediske - New Works
New Works   Painting   
Mark Rediske: 2019 Exhibition Catalog
Mark Rediske: 2015 Exhibition Catalog
Mark Rediske: 2014 Exhibition Catalog
Mark Rediske: 2012 Exhibition Catalog

  Mark Rediske - Silva

mixed media on panel
20 X 60 in.
  Mark Rediske - Ariel

mixed media on panel
48 X 42 in.
  Mark Rediske - Crescent

mixed media on panel
32 X 122.5 in.
  Mark Rediske - Caelum I

Caelum I
mixed media on panel
34 X 34 in.
  Mark Rediske - Caelum II

Caelum II
mixed media on panel
34 X 34 in.
  Mark Rediske - Navarre II

Navarre II
mixed media on panel
48 X 27 in.
  Mark Rediske - Aldabra

mixed media on panel
36 X 72 in.
  Mark Rediske - Aesir

mixed media on panel
34 X 48 in.
  Mark Rediske - Tributary

mixed media on panel
48 X 27 in.
  Mark Rediske - Aakaasa

mixed media on panel
40 X 40 in.
  Mark Rediske - Empyrean

mixed media on panel
48 X 40 in.
  Mark Rediske - Bolero

mixed media on panel
48 X 34 in.
  Mark Rediske - Java

mixed media on panel
32 X 48 in.
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Mark Rediske

Raised in rural Minnesota and a long-time resident of the Northwest, Rediske is “awed by nature’s eternal capacity for renewal and regeneration in a world of constant change and flux.” Mark Rediske's process of repetition, accumulation, and negation yields a meditative sensory experience to reflect on this atmosphere of change rather than a discernible image. He views his work “as a bridge between the natural world and archetypal symbols of rebirth and evolution. In this regard I feel a great affinity with the iconography of ancient civilizations.” In each work, he has created a sense of place, at the intersection of the natural and man-made, which preserves the progression of time to the present moment. For all of the physical labor that has gone into treating each surface, Rediske leaves us with something intangible, nameless, yet affirming of our own encounters with greatness beyond human comprehension.

Rediske holds a Bachelor’s in printmaking and a Master’s in painting from St. Cloud State in Minnesota. Since graduating in 1985, he has exhibited extensively across the country, becoming a vital member of the Seattle art scene from the early 90s. It has been Foster/White’s honor to represent Rediske for the past thirty years. His paintings are found in numerous public and corporate collections, including at Microsoft in Redmond, WA, the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, MN, and Balboa Bay Club in Newport Beach, CA.
Exhibition Catalog
Rediske 2015
Rediske 2014
Rediske 2012