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David Alexander

David Alexander: 2015 Exhibition Catalog
David Alexander: 2011 Exhibition Catalog

  David Alexander - Copper Fall Surfaces

Copper Fall Surfaces
acrylic on canvas
51.5 X 57.5 in.
  David Alexander - Attempting a Wet Line

Attempting a Wet Line
acrylic on canvas
36 X 45 in.
  David Alexander - A Landscape of Two Stories

A Landscape of Two Stories
acrylic on canvas
36 X 48 in.
  David Alexander - American Fork, UT 1968

American Fork, UT 1968
acrylic on canvas
58 X 52 in.
  David Alexander - In Troll Country, Plateau

In Troll Country, Plateau
acrylic on canvas
52 X 58 in.
  David Alexander - 30 Year Comeback

30 Year Comeback
acrylic on canvas
28 X 96 in.
  David Alexander - Short S.W. In the North

Short S.W. In the North
acrylic on canvas
34 X 95.5 in.
  David Alexander - All in a Month's Work

All in a Month's Work
acrylic on canvas
18 X 24 in.
  David Alexander - Above the Ogogrow Commonage

Above the Ogogrow Commonage
acrylic on canvas
34 X 96 in.
  David Alexander - Blackened Tree, Centre

Blackened Tree, Centre
acrylic on canvas
20 X 95.25 in.
  David Alexander - SW Soils in Red

SW Soils in Red
acrylic on canvas
20 X 24 in.
  David Alexander - Drawn Out Nights

Drawn Out Nights
acrylic on canvas
52 X 58 in.
  David Alexander - Slow Moving in Quebec

Slow Moving in Quebec
acrylic on canvas
78 X 114 X 1.63 in.
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David Alexander

Alexander studied at the Vancouver Art School and at Langara College before graduating with a BFA from Notre Dame University. In 1980, he moved to Saskatoon to obtain his Master's degree while researching in New York, London and Paris. His international exhibitions have allowed him to explore the world, and he has given lectures and conducted drawing and painting research during his travels. In 2006, Alexander attended the Morris Graves Foundation in California as an invited guest artist-in-residence, and completed a large body of small paintings on wood panels. In 2007, he visited Tokyo and Kyoto and was inspired by the cities’ parks and water features. In September 2008, he returned to the high Arctic as an invited member aboard a 75 ft. sailing ship. In 2010, he was a resident in the Grand Canyon and 2012 he was a guest artist for 2 months in Taos, New Mexico.

David Alexander's art is in many public, private and corporate collections throughout the world including: the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Museum of London, University of Toronto, Concordia University in Montreal, the Museum of Art in Iceland, and in Embassies in Berlin, Beijing and Krakow. Corporate and private collections include works in major Canadian cities as well as in Dubai, Seoul, New York, Mumbai and Nice, among others. Alexander's signature landscapes and waterscapes called "Wet" represent his significant forty-five year history in painting and drawing with a bold palette and gestural application.  

David Alexander's solo exhibition, 'The Shape of Place', was presented at the Kelowna Art Gallery from January 14 - March 25, 2012.  This exhibition will travel across Canada beginning in 2013 and 2014 and is accompanied by a beautiful softcover and hardcover book with texts by six authors on the artist, being published by McGill-Queen's University Press, Montreal for the Kelowna Art Gallery. The book is for sale at Bau-Xi Gallery.
Exhibition Catalog
David Alexander 2015
Alexander 2011