Size: 20 X 12 X 15 in.
ceramic with glaze

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George Rodriguez addresses sensitive sociopolitical issues through his highly ornamented figurative ceramic sculptures with a tongue in cheek ease that is evident in the sense of warmth his works convey. Themes of culture and identity recur throughout his sculpture, celebrating the unique attributes of diverse cultures as well as the similarities that unite us all. His series of large-scale sculptural ceramic heads look back on his heritage and anticipate the expanded 'Urban Guardian' series several years later.

Manco Inca Yupanqui (1516–1544) (aka Manqu Inka Yupanki in Quechua) was the founder and monarch (Sapa Inca) of the independent Neo-Inca State in Vilcabamba, although he was originally a puppet Inca Emperor installed by the Spaniards. He was also known as "Manco II" and "Manco Cápac II" "Manqu Qhapaq II". He was one of the sons of Huayna Cápac and a younger brother of Huascar.

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