Quills, Inkwells

Size: 30 X 40 in.
oil on linen

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"There is a story behind each painting. Coincidence and unlikelihood are reoccurring themes. They are tales of people long gone but for residue of their genes in me, a few artifacts like roses they rooted, furniture they tempered, their own graphite scrawl, or silver gelatin shadows. The flickering of restless spirits conducted my curiosity to collected stories around campfires, under moth eaten black skies, from the granite toothed mouths of cemeteries, and talking walls of the rock rubble of old homesteads. Some stories were transmitted over generations, between rocking chairs on Appalachian porches- stages to audiences of acres thick with ghosts. The subjects are drawn from my heritage- that of my family, and of my artistic lineage. I have knotted the two histories using conventions of picture making unique to the era of each person to whom I owe a painting as a thanks for my chances and their gusts of curiosity."

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