In his work, Shawn Huckins satirizes social media, popular culture, and aspects of modern society in the United States. His paintings immaculately re-present significant historical artworks, painted with incredible attention to detail and control. These are combined with elements such as colloquial text and slang communication that beg questions related to the ways we have denigrated language, altered or halted past progress as a nation, and foreshadow an impending reckoning. Working in acrylic, Huckins’ canvases are beautifully rich, revealing his depth of color expertise and skill. 

Shawn Huckins holds a BFA from Keene State College, Keene, NH, where he graduated magna cum laude, and also studied at the University of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. He has shown his work  at galleries across North America and Europe, and in 2020 was part of a two-person exhibition featuring his work at the Susquehanna Art Museum, Harrisburg, PA. Huckins has received numerous awards and fellowships including being a finalist of the prestigious Luxembourg Art Prize. His work is held in collections including that of Tucson Museum of Art, Tucson, AZ and the Tia Collection, Santa Fe, NM.

Shawn Huckins CV

Shawn Huckins Interview April 2020

Shawn Huckins 2019 Exhibition Catalog Staring at the Sun

Shawn Huckins 2017 Exhibition Catalog Athenaeum (I Can't Pretend That This Is Poetry)

Shawn Huckins Artwork 'Two Birds, Seven Stones (John James AudubonÉErasure No. 25)' | Available at
50 X 62 in. - $20,000.00
Shawn Huckins Artwork 'Smut Still Life With Fruit And CanaryÉ' | Available at
16 X 12 in. - $2,700.00
Shawn Huckins Artwork 'General Henry H Sibley: UGH' | Available at
26 X 22 in. - $4,200.00
Shawn Huckins Artwork 'Follow the Money: Young Robert E. LeeÉ' | Available at
Shawn Huckins Artwork 'John Tyler's Expression of Surprise, Confusion, or Shock' | Available at
Shawn Huckins Artwork 'Redact (Alexander HamiltonÉErasure No. 30)' | Available at
Shawn Huckins Artwork 'Descending Eh: Portrait of Nathaniel Olds' | Available at
Shawn Huckins Artwork 'Martha Washington (The Athenaeum Portrait): The Fuck What?' | Available at
Shawn Huckins Artwork 'William Sidney Mount Self Portrait: Like, Can You Not?' | Available at
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