From the Mountain Slopes

Size: 16 x 11.25 in.
hand colored lithograph

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Tony Angell’s passion for nature began in childhood, through exploring and studying wildlife and his artistic talent is innate. He developed and strengthened his skills through drawing and sculpting from life, often through study of the wild creatures he has rehabilitated. Angell’s paintings, drawings, and sculptures capture the characteristics and gestures of his subjects, beautifully communicating moments he has  witnessed in the wild. Telling the stories of the animals who inspire his work, Angell’s work continues to expand our appreciation of the uniqueness and personalities each living thing exudes.

Angell states about From the Mountain Slopes: "Of all the owls with whom I have shared company, the pygmy owl, no larger than a fox sparrow, was the most animated. One winter, an injured pygmy owl was brought to my home for a few weeks of convalescence. Every moment of its stay was one of action. Once restored to flight, the owl took over our home, and no room was left unexplored. Flying down hallways, between obstacles, it would suddenly drop out of sight amid the curtains or light fixtures. Retrieving the bird for a safer enclosure was met with a penetrating and defiant glare. It was an expression I was familiar with when seeing pygmy owls in the Cascades, and one I sought to convey when the Portland Audubon Society requested this owl portrait for a fundraising poster."

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