Expanse, acrylic on panel, 98.5 x 98.5 inches

For two decades, Mark Rediske created his sought-after color field paintings while laying the panel on a flat surface. In Language of Gravity, he experiments instead with painting upright on an easel. The resulting downward pull of the paint enhances Rediske's distillation of skyscape and atmosphere. Alternating between areas of transparency and opacity, the paintings convey the essence of vast expanses of space and light. 

Landfall I, acrylic on panel, 40 x 48 inches 


I have been profoundly impacted by the unique natural allure of the places where I have lived, including the incredible beauty of the Pacific Northwest. I see my paintings as emotive landscapes inspired by nature and guided by the organic rhythms of transformation and renewal, which govern the natural world.  I am very interested in the emotional impact of color and its power to convey an intimate personal resonance. There is a gravitational pull that holds us to place and time; to memory, hope, loss, and desire. It is my aspiration that my work inspires some common thread to the universal forces that unite us.      - Mark Rediske


Landfall III, acrylic on panel, 40 x 48 inches

Mark Rediske's paintings reference horizons, sky, and terrain. His color-washed surface patina conjures the erosion of ancient civilizations; his titles explore mythology and physical places, or are drawn from the past. Developing a process that allows him to achieve unique effects in his work, Rediske creates exquisitely crafted panels with beautiful colors and painterly mark-making. The resulting pieces invite close inspection at different times of day and night. Rediske's capacity for composition creates tension and resolution within each piece, while the slow fading from one color to the next provides a grounding quality to his work.

Mark Rediske holds BFA and MA degrees from St. Cloud University, St Cloud, MN. He shows his work across the United States, including at Frye Art Museum, Seattle, WA. Rediske taught art at St. Cloud University, St. Cloud, MN; Pratt Fine Arts Center, Seattle, WA, and Oregon College of Arts & Crafts, Portland, OR. His artwork is part of dozens of collections, including American Airlines, Seattle, WA; The Ritz-Carlton, Washington, DC; Prudential Insurance Company of America, Newark, NJ; Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, WA, and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Chicago, IL.



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