Sarah Winkler’s work explores geological aspects of landscape formation. Combining Studio Art, Earth Science, and Creative Writing during her studies at William Paterson University, Winkler began her career as a collage artist and graphic designer. Currently, she sketches in a collage format using printed imagery that she creates either physically or digitally. Each layer is then hand painted to retain the cut-paper aesthetic and convey the strata of geological time in landscapes.  Locations like Mount Rainier National Park and Medicine Bow National Forest are not depicted with identical exactness. Winkler instead positions her work in the abstract state between the physical world and the emotive experiences of place.

Winkler’s art is represented in galleries in the US and Canada, including museums and Art Fairs such as Bakersfield Museum of Art in California, Art Aspen, and the LA Art Show. Her work has since been featured in over 100 prominent US and international collections, from Maker’s Mark Whisky in Kentucky, to Vail Health in Colorado and Mountain Shadows Resort in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Winkler is a participating artist in the US Department of State’s Art in Embassies program, where she has recently been showcased at the American Embassy in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. She was recently named one of the top ‘Women Painters on the Rise’ by Artsy Inc. and was curated into their 2022 digital billboard campaign 'Scenes of Summer' exhibition in New York City.  Her work has been featured in Scientific American, Times UK, Vail Valley, Mountain Living, Cowboys & Indians Magazine, American Art Collector, New American Paintings and in the documentary, 'Moment' by Making Art Films.

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Sarah Winkler CV

2023 Exhibition Catalog Edge of The Wild

2021 Interview Art in Embassies

2021 Interview Utah Arts Magazine

2020 Interview May

2019 Moment by Making Art Films

48 x 48 in. - $9,200 USD
Magma Chamber
60 x 60 in. - $14,500 USD
Edge of the Wild
60 x 60 in. - $14,500 USD
Silver-Tipped Blue Spruce
60 x 40 in. - $9,600 USD
Sunrise Yellow, Yakima Valley
60 x 36 in. - $8,500 USD
Cinder Cone
34 x 24 in. - $4,500 USD
Verdant Valleys
24 x 60 in. - $6,200 USD
Sun Rests on Mountains Wide
28 x 48 in. - $5,500 USD
Mystic Mountain
48 x 144 in. - $28,000 USD
Neon Peach Snowlight Over the Valley
48 x 36 in. - $7,500 USD
Gates of the Cascades
48 x 48 in. - $9,200 USD
Mountain Alpine Lakes
60 x 48 in. - $11,800 USD
Beyond the Great Falls
24 x 24 in. - $3,400 USD
Spring Summits
36 x 36 in. - $6,000 USD
Lava Lake
40 x 40 in. - $6,800 USD
Copper and Conifers
20 x 20 inches - $2,300 USD
Mountain Lake by Starlight
60 x 19.5 in. - $5,600 USD
Layers of Winter
20 x 20 inches - $2,300 USD
Dawn Rises Over The Frozen Lake
20 x 20 inches - $2,300 USD
Evergreens And Ice Bubbles
40 x 40 inches - $6,800 USD
Teal Timbers
60 X 60 in. - $14,500 USD
Mount Rainier Wilderness
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