On the most reiteration of his Mexican Zodiac series, Sculptor George Rodriguez collaborated with 13 Mexican and Chicanx/Chicana artists; the resulting El Zodíaco Familiar, a touring exhibition, tells the stories of participating artists.

Each artist, of various artistic disciplines, responded to Rodriguez’s animal sculptures with the forms, tools, and aesthetics of their own artistic practices. Each artist imbued their collaboratively-imagined sculpture (corresponding to the zodiac animal of their birth year) with personal perspective, folk tradition, and an intimate feeling of celebration. While each sculpture is distinct, as a whole, the twelve pieces vibrate with deep resonances of the familiar; highlighting and embracing our similarities while applauding each unique voice and perspective.

Read George Rodriguez's thoughts regarding the project and his inspiration for initiating the collaborations of El Zodíaco Familiar.

Whatcom Museum Lightcatcher Building, Bellingham, WA, 2021

Sarah Spurgeon Gallery, Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WA, 2021

Additional Tour Locations to be Announced.

El Zodíaco Familiar is available as a complete set of 12 pieces. For more information regarding exhibition or purchase of El Zodíaco Familiar, please contact us at (206) 622-2833 or

22 X 15.5 X 14 inches
17 X 14 X 18 inches
23 X 21 X 18 inches
Brava Nepantla
31 X 25.5 X 19.5 inches
Burro Mezcladero
26 X 19.5 X 19 inches
Cabra-Cabron Cabrona
19 X 20.5 X 17.25 inches
Cacomixtle del Desierto Sonorense
17.5 X 25.5 X 15.5 inches
Espíritu del Viento
36 X 15.5 X 20 inches
18.25 X 18.25 X 10.75 inches
La Peyotera
18.5 X 14 X 21 inches
33.5 X 27 X 18 inches
Venado Azul De Los Cielos Claros
Recollections – Atravesando con el Toro
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