Casey McGlynn first began exploring his creativity as a child, drawing for hours and developing his robust visual language. McGlynn’s paintings, often including collaged elements, are honest, vulnerable, and dynamic. He depicts himself and those close to him, through symbols like whales, birds, elephants, horses, and a large man in red. Angst is balanced by humor, and canvases include written words that read like diary entries. Inspired by the early punk rock scene in Toronto, ON,  and a musician himself, McGlynn's connection to punk’s rejection of the mainstream is evident. But McGlynn’s rebellion is approachable, posed as a question he continues to explore in his sensitive work.

Casey McGlynn holds a Diploma from Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto, ON. His work is shown across North America, including at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, CO; Alabama State Council of the Arts, Montgomery, AL; and SOFA Exhibition in Chicago, IL. McGlynn has received multiple awards, and was a guest lecturer at several universities including at Brock University, St. Catherines, ON. His work is part of collections across North America.

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Casey McGlynn CV

2023 Artist Statement I Am the Horse

2023 Exhibition Catalog I Am the Horse

2022 Short Documentary I Am the Horse

2021 Exhibition Catalog Landing in the Crow's Nest

2019 Exhibition Catalog 117.5 Ideas for Tattoos

2016 Exhibition Catalog Never Feel Sad

2013 Exhibition Catalog Hang Loose

2010 Exhibition Catalog Enter Chasing the Dragon Slayer

Animated film by Casey McGlynn for the Metal Kites song Rabbit in the Hat

48 x 60 in. - $7,200 USD
Faces Horse
Horse Looking Back Again
48 x 60 in. - $7,200 USD
All Seeing Horse
48 x 60 in. - $7,200 USD
Horse Letting Go
The Real Truth About It Is My Kind Of Life's No Better Off If It's Got The Map Or If It's Lost
48 x 60 in. - $7,200 USD
Silver Springs Horse
48 x 48 in. - $6,100 USD
Herd in Red Field
48 x 36 in. - $4,850 USD
Tent City
48 x 48 in. - $6,100 USD
Herd in Yellow Field
30 x 72 in. - $5,800 USD
Yellow Bird
24 x 72 in. - $4,850 USD
I Know your Stairs + your Doorway
36 x 72 in. - $6,650 USD
Beuys Chalkboard
Learned to Kayak on a Float Down the Goulais River
69 x 182 in. - $20,800 USD
Sentimental Journey
12 x 16 in. - $850 USD
I Will Stay in Here For a While
60 X 60 in. - $7,900 USD
Architect Horse
Journey from Sioux Sainte Marie to Tillsonburg 32x
An Animal Can Follow Its Instinctual Direction Laid Out like
Doing Tai Chi Listening to Birds in a Painting
12 X 12 in. - $550 USD
Good Times
12 X 12 in. - $550 USD
Two Houses and Horse
12 X 12 in. - $550 USD
Transplanted in the North
12 X 12 in. - $550 USD
From the Beginning and to the End of Time
12 X 12 in.
Canadian Horse II
12 X 12 in. - $550 USD
White Horse
12 X 12 in. - $550 USD
Voltron Motha
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