David Alexander’s signature waterscapes and landscapes push reality to abstraction. He relies on a bold palette and gestural, seemingly wild paint application. The resulting paintings that are evocative of place but most often driven by emotion and color. Surfaces of water becomes abstract fields of colors, reflections and shapes mingling, allowing the eye to take in the attributes of the physical surface of his canvases.   

Alexander studied at the Vancouver Art School and Langara College, both in Vancouver, BC, and holds a BFA from Notre Dame University, Nelson, BC. He also received an MFA from the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK. He has been a Visiting Artist and instructor across the globe, and participated in residencies including being a Guest Artist in Residence at the Morris Graves Foundation and the Grand Canyon’s Artist in Residence Program.  Alexander’s work is part of numerous museum and gallery collections including the Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver BC; Notre Dame University, Indiana, and Museum London, London ON. In addition, his work is in Embassies in Berlin, Beijing and Krakow. Corporate and private collections include works in major Canadian cities as well as in Dubai, Seoul, New York, Mumbai and Nice, among others. 

ARTICLE: David T. Alexander Newly Inducted Member to the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts

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35.5 x 48 in. - $10,100.00
In the Oasis
48 x 36 in. - $10,100.00
Glamorous Evening Remains
58 x 52 in. - $15,500.00
Water Flames Jump Reality
45.5 x 52 in. - $12,200.00
Columbia Wetlands Garden
57 x 65.75 in. - $17,800.00
Time And Place For A Rehearsal For A Pole
40 x 48 in. - $10,200.00
Night Loaded
24 x 95.5 in. - $11,800.00
Heading Through To The Cariboo
34 x 95.25 in. - $15,700.00
White Outer Island Rocks
24 X 104 in. - $12,600.00
David Alexander Artwork 'Beaver Creek to Flats' | Available at fosterwhite.com
52 X 46 in. - $12,200.00
Leaving The Slippery Surface
45.5 x 52 in. - $12,200.00
A Coastal Copse Theatre
46 X 51.75 in. - $12,100.00
David Alexander Artwork 'Sprung' | Available at fosterwhite.com
12 X 9 in. - $1,700.00
David Alexander Artwork 'SW, Shore, Iceland' | Available at fosterwhite.com
65.75 x 57 in. - $17,800.00
Desolation Dome
12 X 9 in. - $1,700.00
David Alexander Artwork 'Untitled (Water)' | Available at fosterwhite.com
56.5 x 65.75 in. - $17,600.00
David Alexander Artwork 'Green Blue Palettes' | Available at fosterwhite.com
When They Fall the Rock Island Remains & History Becomes Mystery
9 X 12 in. - $1,700.00
David Alexander Artwork 'Myrtle Mess, Loleta' | Available at fosterwhite.com
9 X 12 in. - $1,700.00
David Alexander Artwork 'Changes of Mind and Weather' | Available at fosterwhite.com
9 X 12 in. - $1,700.00
David Alexander Artwork 'Night Visit' | Available at fosterwhite.com
36 X 48 in. - $9,300.00
David Alexander Artwork 'Nature's Yukata' | Available at fosterwhite.com
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