Bratsa Bonifacho's paintings are informed by an abiding interest in semiotic systems of communication and information, especially language, semaphore, and music. He has also integrated his interest in technology and cultural identity in recent compositions. Over his long career, Bonifacho has created work in a variety of media, influenced most significantly by his experience growing up in the midst of WWII and the resulting repercussions on his home of Belgrade. By combining phrases and letters, positive space and negative space, he creates abstract paintings with messages embedded on their surfaces. Beyond social commentary, Bonifacho's paintings are celebrations of color and form, richly saturated or articulately muted.

Bratsa Bonifacho holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Arts Belgrade, Serbia, and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Belgrade School of Architecture, Belgrade, Serbia. Bonifacho's paintings have been shown internationally, with solo exhibitions in Poland, Germany, China, the United Kingdom, and Serbia. He has had dozens of exhibitions across North America, and his work has been shown in the Pacific Northwest at Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, WA; Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, BC; Anchorage Museum of History and Art, Anchorage, AK; and in Seattle at Foster/White Gallery since 2004.  His work is held in many private, corporate and permanent museum collections across the world including the Canadian Embassy in Argentina, the Museum of Modern Art, Serbia, the National Museum of Serbia and JP Morgan Asia, Tokyo, Japan.

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Bratsa Bonifacho CV

2014 Exhibition Catalog Grazioso Sempre

2012 Exhibition Catalog Skalamerija

24 x 24 inches - $3,600 USD
Messages in Bottle
78 x 78 inches - $17,000 USD
Irrevocabile Verbum
24 x 24 inches - $3,600 USD
24 x 24 inches - $3,600 USD
De Facto
24 x 24 inches - $3,600 USD
Ad Arbitrium
24 x 24 inches - $3,600 USD
Felice Riturno
48 x 48 inches - $9,000 USD
Lasenka Song
48 x 48 inches - $9,000 USD
Zonab X
48 x 48 inches - $9,000 USD
Albertina's Songs
48 x 48 inches - $9,000 USD
Silverado S
48 x 48 inches - $9,000 USD
Zoraida's Song
48 x 48 inches - $9,000 USD
One Night in Tolbruc
48 x 48 inches - $9,000 USD
Astridas 3
48 x 48 inches - $9,000 USD
May Time
48 x 48 inches - $9,000 USD
Silverton Lights
48 X 48 in. - $9,000 USD
Bratsa Bonifacho Artwork 'Keccak' | Available at
48 x 54 inches - $10,800 USD
Cybernetic Anthropology
48 x 48 inches - $9,000 USD
One Night in Bombay
48 x 48 inches - $9,000 USD
Alphabetica Neurosa
30 x 40 inches - $5,900 USD
Viribus Unitis
48 x 48 inches - $9,000 USD
Zeitgeist 2
40 x 40 inches - $7,300 USD
Viva Voce
36 x 72 inches - $10,000 USD
Lullaby of Birdland
36 x 36 inches - $6,200 USD
Jark aka Kraj
Celebration: 10 Year Retrospective 2013 - 2022, Bratsa Bonifacho Book, 2022
Combustion + Earth and Fire, Bratsa Bonifacho Book, 1995
Habitat Pixel, Bratsa Bonifacho Book, 2005
La Habana and Peloponnesus, Bratsa Bonifacho Book, 2007
Blackboards, Bratsa Bonifacho Book, 1982
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