Bratsa Bonifacho’s paintings draw from the artist’s interest in Language, Classical Music, and dynamic color, and more recently, from his interest in technology and cultural identity. Over his long career he has created work in a variety of media, and has been influenced most significantly by his experience as a child growing up in the midst of WWII, experiencing its repercussions on his home of Belgrade. By combining phrases and letters he creates abstract paintings with messages embedded on their surfaces, explorations of society. 

Bonifacho holds a MFA from the University of Belgrade, Serbia. His work is held in many private, corporate and permanent museum collections across the world including the Canadian Embassy in Argentina, the Museum of Modern Art, Yugoslavia, the National Museum of Serbia and the Department of External Affairs in Ottawa.

Bratsa Bonifacho CV

Bratsa Bonifacho 2014 Exhibition Catalog Grazioso Sempre

Bratsa Bonifacho 2012 Exhibition Catalog Skalamerija

36 x 36 inches - $6,200.00
Pacolla M
36 x 72 inches - $10,000.00
Lullaby of Birdland
36 x 36 inches - $6,200.00
Jark aka Kraj
36 x 36 inches - $6,200.00
English Bay Sunset
54 X 52 in. - $10,300.00
Bratsa Bonifacho Artwork 'Just After' | Available at
52 X 54 in. - $10,300.00
Bratsa Bonifacho Artwork 'It's About' | Available at
48 X 48 in. - $9,000.00
Bratsa Bonifacho Artwork 'Keccak' | Available at
42 X 42 in. - $7,600.00
Bratsa Bonifacho Artwork 'Grazioso Sempre' | Available at
42 X 48 in. - $9,000.00
Bratsa Bonifacho Artwork 'Horoscope De' | Available at
32 X 66 in. - $8,600.00
Bratsa Bonifacho Artwork 'Alfa Centaur' | Available at
54 X 54 in. - $10,600.00
Bratsa Bonifacho Artwork 'Alpha Canis Majoris' | Available at
42 X 42 in. - $7,600.00
Bratsa Bonifacho Artwork 'Allegory Ano' | Available at
36 X 36 in. - $6,200.00
Bratsa Bonifacho Artwork 'Acta Est Fabula' | Available at
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