Sarah McRae Morton’s paintings are steeped in stories. Stories drawn from her familial heritage, folklore, historic curiosities, artistic anecdotes, all woven beautifully by McRae Morton’s deft hand and skill with a paintbrush. Her often surreal oil paintings blend reality with mystery and fantasy, and reveal her mastery of her medium. Figures appear blurred as if in motion without losing any integrity of form or clarity. Subjects are pulled from centuries past, or are transported to landscapes and interiors that represent another era. McRae Morton’s skill as a painter is breathtaking, and her ability to convey narrative and emotion allow viewers to be swept up in the moments she shares.

McRae Morton received a Certificate from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA, as well as studying at the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, and the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Skowhegan, ME. In addition she studied with the International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property in partnership with the Vatican Museum Laboratory through The Trinity College, Rome, Italy. Her work has been shown at Galleries across the United States, as well as in Germany, and can be found in dozens of private collections. McRae Morton has been an Artist in Residence at Monson Arts Residency, Monson, ME, Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Amherst, VA, and Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT among others.  

Sarah McRae Morton CV

Barnacle and Belfry Exhibition Tour 2020


Sarah McRae Morton 2020 Exhibition Catalog Barnacle and Belfry

Sarah McRae Morton 2018 Exhibition Catalog The Wandering Fireside

Sarah McRae Morton 2016 Exhibition Catalog Mapping Stars at Noon

60 X 40 in. - $14,900.00
Sarah McRae Morton Artwork 'Terrapin, Rosin, Brush Fire Fable' | Available at
The Rush to Unlooked-for Sights
31.5 X 23.5 in. - $5,800.00
Sarah McRae Morton Artwork 'A Bed of Chestnut Bough' | Available at
33 X 33 in. - $9,200.00
Sarah McRae Morton Artwork 'Scales' | Available at
25.5 x 25.5 in. - framed
The Silent Spring and The Loudest Fall
18 X 18 in. - $4,800.00
Armor, Frill, Crow Flipped Boat Thrill
Sarah McRae Morton Artwork 'The Opossums' Trousers after Goya's Ridiculous Folly 1816' | Available at
70 X 98 in. - $24,500.00
Sarah McRae Morton Artwork 'The Rescue of the Alabaster Whale' | Available at
44 X 51 in. - $13,500.00
Sarah McRae Morton Artwork 'Light Fast and Sugar Footed Fledgling' | Available at
23.5 X 23.5 in. - $4,950.00
Macular Degeneration
23.5 X 23.5 in. - $4,950.00
Sarah McRae Morton Artwork 'Lost But Found' | Available at
23.5 X 23.5 in. - $4,950.00
Sarah McRae Morton Artwork 'Pippa of the Hunt' | Available at
23.5 X 31.5 in. - $5,800.00
Sarah McRae Morton Artwork 'The Last Green Bear' | Available at
24 X 52 in. - $7,600.00
Sarah McRae Morton Artwork 'The Hull of the Annabelle Lee' | Available at
Sarah McRae Morton Artwork 'The Garden of Millet's Gleaners and Boxwood of the San Angel' | Available at
15.5 X 15.5 in. - $3,800.00
Farming at Night
Framed - 21.5 x 21.5 - $4,800.00
Dimming Embers of the Last Erebus
15.75 X 15.75 in. - $3,600.00
Sleeping Giants
30.25 X 40 in. - $8,400.00
Sarah McRae Morton Artwork 'Ribs of the Theorbo' | Available at
30 X 40 in. - $8,400.00
Quills, Inkwells
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