Janna Watson’s abstract paintings are vivid records of her motion as she paints, each gestural mark part of an emotion, a narrative within a piece. Active, almost turbulent combinations of brushstrokes are balanced by open spaces, quiet swoops of color, and places for the eye to rest. There is a delicacy to her unwavering application of paint, a subtlety to her confident movements, and an eloquence with color that results in unexpected and irresistible combinations. Further communicating the emotion within a painting, Watson gives her work  titles that are as elaborate as they are starkly simple, such as “Eating Almonds From A Ziplock Bag.” 

Watson holds a BFA with Honors from Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto, ON. She shows her work across the country and has shown at SCOPE Miami Beach, Art Basel, Miami, FL, Seattle Art Fair, Seattle, WA, and as far afield as in Stockholm, Sweden. She has been featured in a variety of publications, and her work is in such collections as Nordstrom, Toronto, ON, Saks Fifth Ave, Toronto, ON, Hudson’s Bay Company, New York, NY, and Aura Condominiums, Toronto, ON.

Janna Watson CV


Janna Watson 2019 Exhibition Catalog Seven Perfect Syllables

Janna Watson 2018 Exhibition Catalog Moody As Light

Janna Watson 2017 Exhibition Catalog Heavy With Dreams

Janna Watson 2016 Exhibition Catalog Talking to Orchids

30 x 24 in. - $3,200.00
Forest Shower
48 x 36 inches. - $6,300.00
Driving is Pleasant in the Evening
48 x 36 inches. - $6,300.00
Sounds of Sails Clinking
48 x 48 inches. - $7,800.00
Sailing to a Peaceful Island
16 x 16 inches
Sun Puppy
36 x 48 inches. - $6,300.00
Morning Ocean
24 x 30 inches - $3,200.00
Ocean Breeze
20 x 20 inches - $2,100.00
20 x 16 inches - $1,750.00
16 x 16 inches
Make Me Happy III
30 x 24 inches - $3,200.00
Sunsets in the City
30 x 30 inches - $3,800.00
The Purpose of Thinking
30 X 30 in. - $3,800.00
Janna Watson Artwork 'An Hour Goes By and Nothing Happens' | Available at fosterwhite.com
54 X 54 in. - $9,500.00
Every Blade of Grass on my Front Lawn
Janna Watson Artwork 'Funnest Queens Are In Drag' | Available at fosterwhite.com
36 X 36 in. - $5,100.00
Janna Watson Artwork 'Time is a Road' | Available at fosterwhite.com
60 X 60 in. - $10,900.00
Janna Watson Artwork 'Slam Dunk' | Available at fosterwhite.com
54 X 54 in. - $9,500.00
Janna Watson Artwork 'Every Pointless Prayer Points' | Available at fosterwhite.com
40 X 30 in. - $4,800.00
Pilgrims Walk Slowly
36 x 48 in. - $6,300.00
Janna Watson Artwork 'At The Airport' | Available at fosterwhite.com
You Both Go To Bed, Doze Slightly, Touch Slightly
40 X 30 in. - $4,800.00
Janna Watson Artwork 'Somewhere A Doorbell Rings' | Available at fosterwhite.com
48 X 36 in. - $5,700.00
Janna Watson Artwork 'Shrewd as a Snake' | Available at fosterwhite.com
48 X 36 in. - $5,700.00
Blue Light
40 X 30 in. - $4,800.00
Janna Watson Artwork 'I Try To Talk About What Colour Means' | Available at fosterwhite.com
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