SAVE THE DATE: Ilana Zweschi's first solo exhibition with the gallery, Beauty + Violence, opens First Thursday, August 1 from 6 - 8 pm, with the artist in attendance. The show runs until Saturday, August 24. Foster/White Gallery will host an artist talk on Saturday, August 17 at 2 pm. 

Immediately recognizable, Ilana Zweschi’s abstract paintings derive from her use of handwritten algorithms to determine precise arrangements of brush strokes and complex color gradations. Influenced by her studies in math as well as art, she began as a figure painter before realizing that her interest in logic could be incorporated into painting. While the paintings begin with formal elements that collaborate with an algorithm, underlying figurative drawings give the algorithm something organic to build on. 

Ilana Zweschi is an artist working in Seattle, Washington. She attended Skidmore College, graduating summa cum laude in 2011, where she was an Art Major and a Mathematics Minor. In 2014 she earned a Master of Fine Arts in painting from the State University of New York at Albany and is currently an instructor at Cornish College of the Arts. Zweschi has exhibited expansively, recently completing a large scale commission for the Facebook Open Arts Program, is part of the Microsoft art collection, and received the DASH artist grant for 2022. Notable group shows include: Tiger Strikes Asteroid in New York, Museum of Museums in Seattle, and Out of Sight: A Survey of Contemporary Art in the Pacific Northwest. Her work has been published in the No. 145 Pacific Coast Issue of New American Paintings, a Youngspace interview, and featured on the opening page of the Culture section of the Seattle Met in 2020.

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2024 Virtual Artist Talk

2023 Interview August

2023 Artist Statement

36 x 64.5 inches - $4,400 USD
36 x 48 inches - $3,300 USD
63.75 x 113 inches (triptych) - $10,000 USD
To Be Killed and Be Still
36 x 21.25 inches - $1,800 USD
Don't Die Over Spilled Milk (a)
36 x 21 in. - $1,800 USD
36 x 21.25 inches - $1,800 USD
Don't Die Over Spilled Milk (b)
12 x 9 inches - $550 USD
Red Serpentine Cloud
12 x 12 inches - $725 USD
Yellow Serpentine Cloud
12.25 x 9 in. - $600 USD
Green Serpentine Cloud
50 x 40 inches - $4,000 USD
Grazing Rich
36 x 24 inches - $2,200 USD
Beauty + Violence (a)
23 x 20 inches - $1,100 USD
24 x 24 inches - $1,375 USD
36 x 21 inches - $2,000 USD
Don't Die Over Spilled Milk (c)
50.25 x 40.25 inches - $4,000 USD
Liquid Return
36.25 x 48 in. - $3,300 USD
108 x 36 inches (triptych) - $6,000 USD
Sinking Horse
36 x 48 in. - $3,300 USD
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