Steven Nederveen’s artwork begins in capturing moments in nature, specifically in coastal locations. Informed by his meditation practice, Nederveen seeks to express both the serene and stormy in the natural world. Through photography, he captures high drama in peaceful settings, or seeks calm moments in otherwise dramatic settings. These moments of peaceful clarity lead the artist to draw connections between our natural environment and aspects of spirituality; after printing his photographs, he begins the process of painting their surfaces, seeking in each work the extent to which he will alter the original image. 

Nederveen received a Bachelor of Design from the University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, and studied at Medicine Hat College, Medicine Hat, AB. He has shown his work across North America, as well as at the Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; the British Art Fair, London, UK, and at Art Ireland, Dublin, Ireland. His work is part of many collections including Armani Canada, Richmond, BC, and the Al-Fayed Family Collection, London, UK. 

Steven Nederveen CV

Steven Nederveen 2018 Exhibition Catalog Atmospheres

48 x 48 inches - $9,000.00
Spirit Awakened
48 x 48 inches - $9,000.00
Comfort of the Sea
20 X 20 in. - $1,800.00
Steven Nederveen Artwork 'Find Your Shore' | Available at
24 x 72 inches - $7,000.00
Symphonic Sea
16 X 16 in. - $1,200.00
Steven Nederveen Artwork 'With an Open Mind and an Open Heart' | Available at
36 x 72 inches - $10,000.00
Ocean Air Embrace
36 X 72 in. - $10,000.00
Steven Nederveen Artwork 'Atmosphere in Blue' | Available at
56 X 36 in. - $8,000.00
Steven Nederveen Artwork 'A Great Surge' | Available at
24 X 72 in. - $7,000.00
Waves of Jade
24 X 72 in. - $7,000.00
Steven Nederveen Artwork 'Waves at Cannon Beach' | Available at
12 X 72 in. - $3,500.00
Steven Nederveen Artwork 'Mountain Retreat' | Available at
12 X 72 in. - $3,500.00
Steven Nederveen Artwork 'Islands of Indigo' | Available at
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