Bird Day: A Story of 24 Hours and 24 Avian Lives, Tony Angell book, 2023
11.25 X 9 X 0.75 in. Hard cover - $35 USD
Puget Sound Through an Artist's Eye, Tony Angell Book, 2009
12.25 X 12.25 in. - $40 USD
Cara Barer Artwork 'Transformations' | Available at
In the Company of Crows and Ravens, Tony Angell Book, 2005
. >Books & Catalogues Artwork 'Barer: A Book's Story' | Available at
Habitat Pixel, Bratsa Bonifacho Book, 2005
La Habana and Peloponnesus, Bratsa Bonifacho Book, 2007
Combustion + Earth and Fire, Bratsa Bonifacho Book, 1995
Blackboards, Bratsa Bonifacho Book, 1982
Celebration: 10 Year Retrospective 2013 - 2022, Bratsa Bonifacho Book, 2022
9.75 X 8.25 IN. - $50 USD
Tom Burrows Artwork | Minimalist, colourful, monochromatic, landscape and water-inspired, resin wall sculpture.
Geo-Abstract Transformations, Chase Langford Book, 2018
La Grand Nostalgie, Guy Laramée Book, 2013
Art Rustler at the Rivoli, James Martin Book, 2001
Jeffrey Milstein Artwork | Colourful, dramatic, graphic, and geometric aerial photographs of New York, Paris, London, Versailles, and Los Angeles.
Alden Mason: Paintings, Alden Mason Book, 2021
Paris: From the Air, Jeffrey Milstein Book, 2021
. >Books & Catalogues Artwork 'Marchessault: The Lorax Dreams' | Available at
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