Lois Graham’s work is recognizable by her approach to painting and creating monotypes, abstractions utilizing a consistent style of short, hatch-like strokes of color. Developing her artistic approach during the time when abstract expressionism was becoming more mainstream, Graham’s work has been categorized as being part of the second generation of abstract expressionists. Her textural surfaces are thick with layers of oil paint, bright colors having been mellowed but still spanning a wide palette. 

Graham played a significant role in the community of artists living in Seattle during her time living and working in the city. Graham received a BA in Art from Knox College, Galesburg, IL, and studied at Washington University School of Fine Arts, St. Louis, MO before the military transferred her husband overseas. After settling in the Northwest, Graham was integral in the arts programs in Bellevue Public Schools, and later opened the Union Art Co-op with her husband Gene, which was awarded an American Institute of Architects Residence of the Year Award. She had solo exhibitions at galleries across the United States, and in 1985 the Bellevue Art Museum mounted a ten-year retrospective of her work. Her work is also in collections including Seattle Art Museum and Yao Cultural Center, Osaka, Japan. Graham passed away on October 9, 2007. 


Lois Graham CV

2010 Exhibition Catalog Fierce Abstraction: From the Archives

80 X 157 in. - $25,000 USD
Lois Graham Artwork 'Tritomite V' | Available at fosterwhite.com
14.5 X 36.5 in. - $3,100 USD
Lois Graham Artwork 'Mudflaps II' | Available at fosterwhite.com
56 X 100 in. - $17,500 USD
Kim's Cotillion
56 X 52 in. - $10,250 USD
Lois Graham Artwork 'Sound Effect' | Available at fosterwhite.com
17.75 X 24 in. - $2,000 USD
Lois Graham Artwork 'Birthday Present XIV' | Available at fosterwhite.com
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