Fauna Flora Figure 208, mixed media on linen, 40 x 40 inches


Shar Coulson | Rhythmic Reflections: Pursuit of Nature's Pulsing Heart
November 2022

Shar Coulson's exhibition Rhythmic Reflections: Pursuit of Nature's Pulsing Heart distills the essence of the natural world through gestural abstraction, revealing core truths that resist categorization beyond her longstanding tripartite series title of FaunaFlora, and Figure. Her paintings convey a profound physicality and texture while also establishing a dynamic range of contrast and color. With formal training in figurative realism, she perceives nature's underlying patterns in wonderfully surprising ways. She often works from accumulated memories and incorporates earlier plein-air experiments.

Fauna Flora Figure 214, mixed media on linen, 54 x 54 inches

"Each endeavor is a free-flowing exploration where the abstract touches the familiar. Something definite is created, but its mystery is still intact. In the beginning, each painting is abstract in all aspects. It’s throughout the paint application that figuration appears and disappears. Periodically, I’ll define an organic shape, pushing it forward to a place of familiarity. One viewer may see plant-like forms, animals, figures or landscape, but others only textured abstract shapes and patterns bathed in lush earth tones."    - Shar Coulson


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