February 4 - 20, 2021

Ranging from sweeping vistas, striking aerial views, and abstract images, the photographers of Foster/White Gallery each present unique perspectives with clarity and expertise. Their images communicate the equanimity and energy of their creators, as they document the emotion of each subject, whether wild, animate, or static. While their creative processes of course differ, the resulting exhibition is aesthetically cohesive, somehow converging despite the dramatically different approaches, intents, and interests of the artists featured.
Photography by nature tends to meld technologies of the past, present, and future; those working in the craft learn to reveal the world in ways previously unseen, interpreting the details and poetic realities of our daily existence. Cody Cobb’s portraits of our disappearing wilderness, Jeffrey Milstein’s aerial interludes in our favorite cities, David Leventi’s reverent tributes to architectural grandeur, and the abstract, painterly images of Carol Inez Charney, for example, here all present a nod to our humanity. The immediacy of photography often an illusion, each piece represents the consummate experiences and ever-expanding knowledge of the photographers behind them.
In Focus on Photography, we present eight such collective reactions. The exhibition includes the work of the artists listed below:
Cara Barer
David Burdeny
Carol Inez Charney
Cody Cobb
Joshua Jensen-Nagle
David Leventi
Jeffrey Milstein
Michael Wolf

Established in 1968, Foster/White Gallery represents both American and International artists, exhibiting Modern and Contemporary painting, photography, and sculpture in Seattle.
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