Makers Mark X Sarah Winkler



Sarah Winkler's recent commission for Maker's Mark Whisky, headquartered in Loretto, Kentucky is underway with her preliminary color studies. "The first lick of paint," she explains, "... was a juicy red mixed to match their famous red wax dipped over each bottle."

"I wanted the focus of this painting to capture the flavor profiles of the Maker’s Mark famous bourbon. In the painting you will discover the red wheat grain fields, the Kentucky wildflower floral notes, the American oak trees used for the barrels. The Angel Trees encrusted in Whisky sugar distinctive to the campus and perhaps the most important ingredient of all, the creek water filtered over limestone rock ledges. The warm, humid gradient skies of summer also distinctly affects the taste of the Bourbon throughout the barrel aging process." - Sarah Winkler

Winkler's solo exhibition Edge of the Wild with Foster/White Gallery arrives July 2023.


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