Stephanie Robison at Chalk Hill Artist Residency

View from Robison's stay at Chalk Hill 

Stephanie Robison recently had the unique experience of working in residence at Chalk Hill Artist Residency located in the scenic Warnecke Ranch and Winery in Sonoma County, California. This residency offers a serene environment surrounded by vineyards, hiking trails, and the picturesque Russian River. During her time there, Robison fully immersed herself in her practice without the distractions of everyday life, focusing specifically on diving deeper into the craft of stone carving. 


Outdoor workspace surrounded by nature

One of the highlights of Robison's time at Chalk Hill Artist Residency was the serene location. The surrounding beauty served as a constant source of inspiration. She specifically enjoyed listening to the many birds that inhabit Chalk Hill where the sounds of nature served as a soothing backdrop to many hours spent sanding stone.


Stephanie Robison and Margo Merck discussing sculpture


During her residency, Robison had the pleasure of meeting Margo Merck, the president of Warnecke Ranch and Winery. Merck's extensive tour of the property led to many ongoing conservations about sculpture.


Tools of the trade


After long days of artistic exploration, Robison found solace in the farmhouse where she enjoyed reading and immersing herself in the artwork by prior residents. The farmhouse became a sanctuary where she could reflect on her own work and gain inspiration from the creations of others.


Fitting the bronze holder on the back of new pieces

A productive two weeks amongst peaceful surroundings and with the vibrant Chalk Hill community nurtured her latest body of work, emphasizing the interplay between form, texture, and color within the creative process.

Explore her work, which draws inspiration from Chalk Hill and beyond, at her upcoming solo exhibition, 'Call and Response,' scheduled for November 2023 at the Foster/White Gallery.




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