All artworks created by students during Alden Mason's four-decade-long tenure as painting professor at the University of Washington from the 1950s-1990s.

Proceeds from the sales of the student artworks will benefit the Alden Mason Foundation and help to establish a scholarship in Mason’s name through the School of Art at the University of Washington.

Alden Mason A Teacher's Legacy 2021 Statement

Works available by the following artists:

Bruce Amstuz, Aasheim, K. Benton, Jo Bond, Steve Bray, S. Burgess, Chuck Close, Conrad, BV Downs, Doug Gray, Patti Hansen, Sue Hibbard, Kellen, Kravitz, Susan Laughlin, Scott D. Laules, Wayne Lewis, Norman Lockwood, Jerry McG, Gene G. McMahon, Atara Pchor, Peabody, Laverne Rey, Betty Lou Rust, Dan Sandstrom, Diana Shirley, D. Spear, Karen Stumf (Mason), W. Summer, Ken Wares, Wilson, Stan Wilson, and other, unknown artists.

18 x 18.5 inches, image 11.5 x 12.5 inches - $3,250 USD
Chuck Close - Alden Mason's Student Work
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