April 4 - 20, 2024
Opens First Thursday, April 4, 6 - 8 pm

Alden Mason Foundation Award Ceremony Saturday, May 4, 2 - 5 pm

In anticipation of the announcement of the three Alden Mason Foundation 2024 Award recipients in May, Foster/White Gallery is delighted to showcase the figural works of Alden Mason for the month of April. In addition to the gallery's existing works, the exhibition features paintings from the Alden Mason Foundation's private collection. The paintings are acrylic on canvas and mixed media on paper from 1990 up to 2010. We hope you will join us for the opening of The Last Shaman on Thursday, April 6 from 6 - 8 pm and the Foundation's award ceremony and panel discussion on Saturday, May 4 at 2 - 5 pm. 

Alden Mason earned BFA and MFA degrees from the University of Washington. His first solo exhibition occurred in 1946 at Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA. His work was shown extensively, including at Boise Art Museum, Boise, ID; Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO; Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA; Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, WA; and San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA. His paintings are part of dozens of Museum and University collections including those of San Francisco Museum of Art, San Francisco, CA; Portland Art Museum, Portland, OR; Chicago Art Institute, Chicago, IL; and Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue WA.

Alden Mason passed away in February 2013. He was 93.

For a listing of more available work and additional information, please visit Alden Mason's primary page on our website.

For more information on the Alden Mason Foundation Award, click here.

Alden Mason CV


60 x 50 in. - $18,200 USD
Barbie and the Spirit Bird
60 X 53 in. - $19,500 USD
The Last Shaman
82 x 70 in. - $36,000 USD
Three Shaman Totem
26 x 34 in. - $5,500 USD
Stop and Go 2
28.5 x 38 in. - $5,500 USD
Nice and Easy
26 x 34 in. - $5,500 USD
Love Twirl
60 x 50 in. - $18,200 USD
Mother's Red Bird
35 x 26 in. - $5,500 USD
Bird Juggler
60 x 50 in. - $18,200 USD
Always A Pleasure
26 x 35 in. - $5,500 USD
First Kiss
35 x 26 in. - $5,500 USD
Sing and Shout
26 x 35 in. - $5,500 USD
A Dark Beauty
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