February 1 - 24, 2024
Opens First Thursday, February 1, 6 - 8 pm

Featured in National Geographic Magazine, Cody Cobb's Spectral series will be showcased in Foster/White Gallery for the first time. On his Spectral series, Cobb states:

"These photographs reveal a hidden luminescence in the wilderness of the American West. From collapsed lava tubes lines with microbial mats to high elevations where lichens thrive, a strange fluorescence occurs when certain minerals and organic materials are subjected to ultraviolet radiation.

This parallel world is briefly unveiled in the darkness of night with long exposures using an ultraviolet emitting light source. The eerie light that is emitted from these once familiar surfaces transmutes the mundane into something otherworldly." 

Cobb has shown his work across the United States and internationally, including in London, UK; Sydney, Australia, and Moscow, Russia. He has received extensive press coverage including features in WiredPhotograph Magazine, and National Geographic among others. Cobb’s photographs won the International Photography Exhibition Award from the Royal Photographic Society, based in London, UK. 


For a listing of more available work and biographical information, please visit Cody Cobb's primary page on our website.

Cody Cobb CV

20 x 15 in. - $1,900 USD
20 x 15 in. - $1,900 USD
20 x 15 in. - $1,900 USD
20 x 15 in. - $1,900 USD
56 x 42 in. - $1,900 USD
20 x 15 in. - $1,900 USD
20 x 15 in. - $1,900 USD
Redshift 2
15 x 20 in. - $1,900 USD
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