Eric Zener’s work is centered around water. Figures float and swim or are submerged. Light is refracted, colors reflecting from swimming figures becoming abstract forms. We see pools with evidence of a figure - a splash, but no form. Water communicates a nostalgia the artist feels for its place in his childhood, memories of summers; but it also holds deeper meaning to the artist, representing both physical and spiritual rebirth. Zener works uses a process that combines layering photographs that have been printed on gold or silver leafed panels before applying layers of paint and resin. The result is a composition in which the idea of floating is not only depicted, but presented, each layer of a piece separating the foreground and background, allowing for a vacillation between them.

Eric Zener received a BA from the University of California, Santa Barbara, CA. He has shown his work across the US including at dozens of art fairs. He has also shown his work internationally including at Casa Forestal, Sant Martí d'Empúries, Catalonia, Spain; Galleria Dieffe, Turin, Italy; Art London, London, UK; Persterer Contemporary Fine Art, Zurich, Switzerland; and Gallery Savah, Sydney, Australia. His artwork is part of collections such as those of W Hotel, New York, NY; Banana Republic, San Francisco, CA; and the Howard A. and Judith Tullman Art Collection.

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Eric Zener CV

2020 Interview November

2015 Film directed by Jeffrey Braverman of Flipturn Productions

2014 Exhibition Catalog The Great Escape

26 X 41 in. - $15,000 USD
Eric Zener Artwork 'A New Direction' | Available at
30 X 41 in. - $18,000 USD
Eric Zener Artwork 'Don't Wake Me When I'm Not Sleeping' | Available at
30.5 X 41 in. - $17,000 USD
Man Treading Water
30.75 X 41 in. - $18,000 USD
Eric Zener Artwork 'Staying Afloat (in suit) II' | Available at
20.5 X 23 in. - $7,200 USD
Eric Zener Artwork 'Coming Back' | Available at
26 X 41 in. - $15,000 USD
Eric Zener Artwork 'Reaching Out' | Available at
40 x 60 inches - $33,000 USD
The First Day of Summer
41 X 56 in. - $26,000 USD
Eric Zener Artwork 'A Way In, A Way Out' | Available at
16 x 29.5 inches - $7,200 USD
40 X 30 in. - $17,000 USD
Eric Zener Artwork 'Rejoining II' | Available at
41 x 30 inches - $17,000 USD
Bursting Through
50 x 40 inches
Under the Surface
Eric Zener Artwork 'Happy People IV (All the Therapy You Will Ever Need)' | Available at
29.75 X 40.75 in. - $18,000 USD
Eric Zener Artwork 'Happy People III' | Available at
Eric Zener Artwork 'Happy People II (All the therapy you will ever need)' | Available at
25.5 X 31.5 in. - $10,000 USD
Eric Zener Artwork 'Into the Light VII' | Available at
20.5 X 120 in. - $22,500 USD
Eric Zener Artwork 'Another Choice Befalls (triptych)' | Available at
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