August 1 - 24, 2024
Opening First Thursday, August 1, 6 - 8 pm
Artist in attendance
Artist Talk, Saturday August 17, 2 pm

My paintings involve math and philosophical reflection. Through hand-written algorithms, I am able to transform any text document into colorful oil paintings. I target destructive texts, words are connected to harm in our current society.  The raw data of the text acts as the input for the algorithm, which is then run through a series of “if/then” rules I assign based on the structure and grammar of the written words and receive an output of painterly actions. 

While the visual outcome of each painting is very abstract, all works start with representational drawings underneath to give the algorithm something organic to react to. One small moment in the drawing can cause a ripple effect of painted marks echoing off of and overlapping each other, sometimes more or less depending on the designated zones in the painting. 

The show title Beauty + Violence has both visual and conceptual origins. Visually, many of the forms appear to be exploding with light and color or are walking the line between referencing a bouquet of flowers and a mushroom cloud.  Conceptually, I am disarming the harm in the text through obscuring and recontextualizing it.  My goal is to transform something harmful into something beautiful and point to the complicated relationship between love and power.  - Ilana Zweschi

For a listing of more available work and biographical information, please visit Ilana Zweschi's primary page on our website.

Ilana Zweschi CV

36 x 24 inches - $2,000 USD
Beauty + Violence (a)
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