NOVEMBER 3 - 19, 2022

Opening reception: First Thursday, November 3, 6 - 8 pm, artist in attendance
Artist Talk: Saturday, November 5, 2 pm

In my mind...
Sapphire birdsongs ride a golden wind.
Translucent layers of morning mist condense and drift,
descending slowly to quench a thirst.
Earth perpetually rebirths -
releasing, resting, reclaiming.
These rhythmic gestures ground and unite.
Born of a single heart aligned with a plural realm.

In my work...
Nature is my endless source of inspiration. Its beauty is boundless—lush, enchanting, sun drenched, is alive, always flowing, never static. I strive to balance its energy and soothing calm with the intuitive power and sensitivity of my heart. Equally powerful, one does not lead the other in the process of making. Leaving little room for my mind to take the lead.

In my process...
Each endeavor is a free-flowing exploration where the abstract touches the familiar —and something definite is created but its mystery is still intact. In the beginning, each painting is abstract in all aspects. It is throughout the paint application that figuration appears and disappears. Periodically, I will define an organic shape pushing it forward to a place of familiarity. One viewer may see plant-like forms, animals, figures or landscape, but others only textured abstract shapes and patterns bathed in lush earth tones.

Shar Coulson CV

Introducing: Shar Coulson Exhibition Tour 2020

Shar Coulson Interview with Foster/White Gallery 2021

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