Night Sight 29

Size: 9 x 9 in. (18 x 18 in. framed)
Wax based & chalk-pastel pencils and acrylic on Canson paper

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Embracing the essence of Organic Abstraction, Shar Coulson’s work reflects her love of nature and the human figure. Working intuitively, Shar explores the idea of perception vs. reality within the allusive figuration, gestural line work and organic forms found in her paintings. Nature is by far her greatest inspiration because of its diversity and complex beauty. Her heightened ability to see recognizable objects in otherwise unrelated patterns guides her process... animals, plant-like forms or figures often appear. She was formally trained in classical figurative realism, yet finds her passion runs deepest in the world of abstraction.


NIGHT SIGHT  - Mind’s eye illumination through an unforeseen darkness

This body of work was influenced by a very vivid, very compelling series of visions I encountered as an after-effect of an abrupt, game-changing health event I experienced in 2021.

These visions were a startling gift of beauty in a disorienting time and thus inspired the Night Sight Series. For weeks and months the memory of these visions flowed effortlessly from mind to paper. The kaleidoscope of dancing shapes with vivid colors performed for my audience of one will forever represent a turning point in my art and my life.

I soon found out that ‘Closed-eye Visualizations’ are a form of temporary pseudo-hallucination that can transform thoughts into crystallized, illuminated color images against an intense flat blackness.

Once they started I immediately wondered if I could influence them, if I could consciously direct them. I continued these excursions with my eyes closed and a request to fly through a lush forest alive with fauna and flora…and so I did. And for two days I guided and reveled in these amazing performances. On the third day they were gone.

What remains is the memory of vivid intensity imprinted in my mind’s eye.

-Shar Coulson

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