Sheri Bakes’s work stems from an interest in wind; the atmosphere motion. Her work pulls in and out of focus, from windswept, loosely rendered landscape to abstraction. Fine attention to light and it’s stippling motion throughout a wide variety of landscapes and atmospheric moods are built up through layers. The work is meant to serve as respite and aids to meditation that will appear to shift through the days and grow with the viewer over time. 

Bakes lives with Aphantasia (internal blindness or no “mind’s eye”) and works from her own many photographs. 

Bakes received a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 1998, and began exhibiting with Bau-Xi Gallery in 2002. She lives and works on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Kevin Chong wrote for the Globe and Mail: "Her brooding wind-swept scenes highlight tensions not only between the sky and land, but also between the physical landscape and the world of the mind."

Bakes has exhibited in Europe, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Toronto and Vancouver. Her work has been placed in numerous private collections across North America and Europe, and in permanent collections with Emaar Properties, Dubai, UAE, Enunciate Conferencing, Toronto Dominion Bank, UBC Psychiatric Hospital, Vancouver General Hospital, St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver, BC. and Swedish Hospital in Seattle. 

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36 X 36 in. - $4,600.00
Sheri Bakes Artwork 'Ocean Falling Sky' | Available at
48 X 48 in. - $6,900.00
Sheri Bakes Artwork 'As Kierkegaard Says to the Sun' | Available at
40 X 40 in. - $5,350.00
Sheri Bakes Artwork 'Determination of Fate' | Available at
20 X 20 in. - $2,100.00
Sheri Bakes Artwork 'South Study' | Available at
40 X 40 in. - $5,300.00
Sheri Bakes Artwork 'Morning for Summer' | Available at
48 X 48 in. - $6,900.00
Sheri Bakes Artwork 'Anam Cara Hike' | Available at
20 X 20 in. - $1,900.00
South West Study
18 X 18 in. - $1,600.00
Sheri Bakes Artwork 'Murmurations of Stars' | Available at
42 X 48 in. - $5,500.00
Sheri Bakes Artwork 'Homes for Hummingbirds' | Available at
36 x 66 inches - $7,000.00
Memories of Wilderness
66 X 36 in. - $7,000.00
Sheri Bakes Artwork 'Deerpass Solitude' | Available at
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