September 7 - 23, 2023
Opening First Thursday, September 7, 6 - 8 pm
Artist in attendance
Book Signings, Saturdays, September 16 & 23, 2 pm

Co-authored with ornithologist Mark E. Hauber, Tony Angell’s book, Bird Day: A Story of 24 Hours and 24 Avian Lives, depicts the daily habits of birds from around the globe. Spanning the course of 24 hours, each hour corresponding to a single bird species, Angell’s ink and clayboard illustrations depict how these birds spend their day. Published by University of Chicago Press, Bird Day is available to order for $18.

Tony Angell’s passion for nature is not a new one. Beginning in childhood through close observation of wildlife, often the wild creatures he rescued and rehabilitated himself, his innate artistic talent strengthened without the need for formal artistic training. Angell’s paintings, drawings, and sculptures capture the characteristics and gestures of his subjects, beautifully communicating moments he has witnessed in the wild. Telling the stories of the animals who inspire his work, Angell continues to expand our appreciation of the uniqueness and personalities each living thing exudes.

Angell holds a BA in Speech Communication from the University of Washington, Seattle, where he also completed two years of graduate studies. Among other achievements, he received the Illustration Award and Overall Winner from the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, for his 100+ drawings in the book In the Company of Crows and Ravenswritten with John Marzluff. His book The House of Owls received the National Outdoor Book Award when Yale University Press published it in 2015. Angell’s work has been featured in dozens of gallery and museum exhibitions across the United States, including the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, WI; Museum of Northwest Art, La Conner, WA; and the Gilcrease Museum of Art, Tulsa, OK. His work can be found in many private and public collections including the Frye Art Museum, Seattle, WA; Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA; Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson, WY; and Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK.

For a listing of more available work and biographical information, please visit Tony Angell's primary page on our website.

Tony Angell CV

View this charming animation of Angell's images from the anticipated Bird Day book.

10 x 8 in. - $2,500 USD
10 x 8 in. - $2,500 USD
Superb Starling
10 x 8 in. - $2,300 USD
Common Pochard
11 x 7 in. - $2,500 USD
10 x 8 in. - $2,300 USD
11 x 7 in. - $2,500 USD
Ocellated Antbird
10 x 8 in. - $2,300 USD
Common Cuckoo
10 x 8 in. - $2,300 USD
Emperor Penguin
14 x 11 in. - $3,500 USD
Eclectus Parrot
20 x 16 in. - $4,500 USD
Secretary Bird
10 x 8 in. - $2,300 USD
Common Nightingale
10 x 8 in. - $2,300 USD
Great Snipe II
10 x 8 in. - $2,300 USD
Great Snipe I
11.25 x 6 in. - $2,300 USD
Brown-Headed Cowbird
16 x 8.25 in. - $3,500 USD
Bat Hawk
16 x 11.5 in. - $3,500 USD
Standard-Winged Nightjar
10 x 8 in. - $2,300 USD
American Robin
15.75 x 10.5 in. - $3,500 USD
European Robin
11 x 8 in. - $2,300 USD
Indian Peafowl
8 x 10 in. - $2,300 USD
Black-Crowned Night Heron
9 x 8 in. - $2,300 USD
Barn Owl
6.88 x 9.5 in. - $2,000 USD
Cook's Petrel
10 x 8 in. - $2,500 USD
Bee Hummingbird
Bird Day: A Story of 24 Hours and 24 Avian Lives, Tony Angell book, 2023
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