Blueshift 10

Archival pigment print. Framed in white with plexiglass.

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Cody Cobb’s striking photographs communicate the solitude of remote locations, places he seeks to immerse himself in untouched wilderness. The isolation allows him more sensitive observations of the external landscape and his internal experiences within it. 

“This light only reveals more darkness, an illumination of a strange land that no longer resembles the familiar surfaces of the American West. Undulations of Earth ripple and radiate towards the horizon like a solid sea. Silhouettes of behemoths suspended in geologic time emerge and strange symmetries are revealed in the gentle falloff of red and blue light. Much like the displacement of the visible spectrum as celestial objects move away or towards the observer, these images invoke a similar sense of cosmological contraction and expansion. This relative push and pull disorients the observer’s own perspective and place, allowing the cosmos to stare back.” -Cody Cobb

Prices are for framed prints and are subject to change as editions sell. 

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