Cabra-Cabron Cabrona

Size: Set of 12
ceramic with glaze

Please contact the gallery for more information on this work.

Collaboration with Gustavo Martinez

Goats display a lot of determination and flexibility, they live in different parts of the world due to their resiliency. Goats came to Mexico with the invasion. The goat mythology I learned in school comes from European, Greco-Roman mythology. I want to focus on the indigenous connection with nature, the connection that the invasion and indoctrination through religion took from our ancestors in the continents of the “Americas” and around the world.

Cabra-Cabron Cabrona is the representation of awakening, the representation of consciousness aligned with Nature. Indigenous and traditional people who respect life and share the love of conscience to coexist in natural ways, this is what comes to mind when I think about balance. The balance that exists in the natural flow of life on earth also exists within our being. Remembering to create awareness that leads us to act and recover our old memory that is aligned with the vibration of love in nature. This action is what Cabra-Cabron Cabrona represents.

As indigenous people we are very resilient, and we live around the world, connected to nature, we are part of her. The mentality of honoring and protecting nature does not suit the corporations that exploit our Mother Earth. They consider that the mentality of a “cabrona”.

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