Carnival Victory

archival inkjet on paper

Please contact the gallery for more information on this work.

"Giant cruise ships, over three football fields long, have become unique floating cities. Photographed symmetrically from directly above in very high resolution, the large gallery prints, up to 74 inches, show the viewer a detailed view not commonly seen. The ships can be seen with their passengers lounging on deck chairs, playing on water park slides, putting greens, running tracks, and basketball courts. They have a curious beauty and tell us something about how we as a culture form instant communities for shared recreation and relaxation. The ships which continue to be built larger and larger are fascinating to ponder as engineering marvels. Seen as a typology, they share a common symmetry derived from function, yet juxtapose design elements both decorative and functional that set them apart." - Jeffrey Milstein

Photographs are printed with archival materials, in black with acrylic; frames measure 0.75 inches wide and 2 inches deep.

Prices are for framed prints and may be subject to change as editions sell. Please contact the Gallery for more information. Larger sizes available upon request.

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