Size: 36 X 15.5 X 20 inches
Ceramic with glaze, fiber, glitter, steel

Please contact the gallery for more information on this work.

George Rodriguez with Moises Salazar

"I enjoy using glitter as a primary material for decoration. It is easily accessible and produced in a multitude of colors and considered taboo for male adults to use. Glitter is glamorous to me as it shines and catches your attention from any distance. I used a flower and vine pattern over the surface of the grasshopper as a traditional way of decorating objects with high social status. Through the inclusion of tufting in yarn around the head with crochet flowers, I make the grasshopper feel regal. This is how I show the power of this creature. In nature the males of the species usually have the brightest and most showy colors. I want my grasshopper to hold the same space for me". 

Moises Salazar

Grillx is available as part of the set of 12 pieces that comprise El Zodíaco Familiar. For more information please contact us at (206) 622-2833 or

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