Size: Set of 12
Ceramic, audio/spoken word

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Collaboration with Yosimar Reyes

My Abuelita, Mardonia Galeana, is an 86 year old undocumented woman. When conceptualizing this piece, I asked her what is something she wanted to tell this country. We wrote the verses, and I helped her practice speaking the words out loud. She cried because she realized the words she was speaking were true. She is a Guerrero, a warrior. She gave her life to this country and yet there is no reward for her sacrifice. Mi Abuelita represents countless undocumented elders that after building legacies in this country will eventually return to their homelands to die. My duty as her grandson is to honor her every day and to celebrate her in every way possible. We may not have papers but every day we choose to lean on each other and remember we are each other's homeland. #HONORYOURELDERS
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