Raven's Wall, AP 1/1

Size: 16.5 X 47.5 X 1 in.

Please contact the gallery for more information on this work.

Tony Angell’s passion for nature began in childhood, through exploring and studying wildlife and his artistic talent is innate. He developed and strengthened his skills through drawing and sculpting from life, often through study of the wild creatures he has rehabilitated. Angell’s paintings, drawings, and sculptures capture the characteristics and gestures of his subjects, beautifully communicating moments he has  witnessed in the wild. Telling the stories of the animals who inspire his work, Angell’s work continues to expand our appreciation of the uniqueness and personalities each living thing exudes. 

About Raven's Wall, Angell states: "Where the Columbia River has carved steep cliffs in the basalt, ravens nest and occasionally assemble in family groups or larger numbers. Seeing these sagacious birds, I always wonder what their take is on the world and if they have an “opinion” on my fascination with them. Here they are gathering, perhaps, to exchange information or simply enjoy the presence of one another’s company."

Currently on display at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art's Northwest School Now exhibition which runs until September 22.

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