Size: 20 x 30 in. - Edition of 25
Archival pigment print. Please contact the gallery for unframed pricing or more framing and sizing options.

Please contact the gallery for more information on this work.

Cody Cobb’s striking photographs communicate the solitude of the remote locations he makes them in, immersed in untouched wilderness. This isolation allows for more sensitive observations of both the external landscape as well as the internal experience. His perspective allows him to frame the landscape dramatically, capturing both the serenity and vastness. Cobb allows himself to be vulnerable to the elements as he explores and works, allowing nature to be the only voice in his photographs. His portraits of the Earth's surface are an attempt to capture the emotion of the land as much as the topography.

Prices are for unframed prints unless otherwise noted, and can be subject to change as editions sell. Please contact the Gallery for more information.

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