Tectonic Rhythms

Size: 24 x 48 in.
oil on canvas

Please contact the gallery for more information on this work.

Known for her expansive abstract landscapes, imbued with quilt-like textural lushness, Allison Collins' paintings are untethered to any exact places. Imparting the emotion of encountering or traveling through open spaces, fields, sky, and vast expanses, the paintings are woven with deeply saturated hues of red, gold, and deep greens and blues. Collins vacillates between causing us to look towards a far-off horizon and shortening the depth of field. At times, she flattens her geometric forms and planes of color – but we are still given a horizon to look towards. 

In Tectonic Rhythms, the elongated shape of the canvas at 48 inches accentuates the representation of a landscape composed of fragments or interlocking plates. Landlines are a deep blue in the abstract foreground, receding to yellow toward the horizon. Left and right edges receive particular attention, with two clusters of patches equally calling for inspection: red on the left; yellow and blue on the right. Like the earth’s crust, the bands of color convey a smooth, rhythmic oscillation.

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