Angelo Pellegrini, 1983

archival pigment print

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"Angelo Pellegrini. Seattle, WA, 1983. Bon vivant, gardener, winemaker, and professor of English Literature at the University of Washington. Pelle always used to say there's no reason to buy firewood in Seattle. He'd see pallets all over town and load them in the trunk of a big old Mercedes he bought with his writing. We'd sit by his big fireplace and he would serve very good white wine that was sent to him by Louis Martini or one of the other Italian winemakers that he befriended in his first book, Americans By Choice. Then he would say, 'Okay, it's time to eat,' and go into the kitchen and finish the polenta and rabbit stew, open three or four bottles and put them on the table. I love his little quote: 'O pancia mia! Fatti capanna!' Oh belly of mine, make yourself a warehouse!" - Bob Peterson

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