Through the Lense with David Burdeny

The process is completely fluid and open to improvisation. If I come across a scene of interest I like to give myself the option of staying for hours, days, or even weeks - whatever it takes. You’re very much in the flow, often riding the cycle of the sun, moon, tides and weather.

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Rambling Road Trips with Allison Collins

"Sometimes I’m thrilled with this new realization and sometimes I’m crushed because I’m afraid I ruined my painting. But I do use oils so I can continue to work layer by layer until I get it right."

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Full Chroma with Julie Himel

"In my painting life, it’s in letting paint be paint and simply directing it to deliver enough information for a viewer to connect. In the rest of my life I try to ride the waves of ups and downs life delivers while keeping my own personal practices in order to stay grounded and happy."

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Artist Interview | Eric Zener

"Water slowly became an allegory for the transformational moments we all find ourselves in - to challenge us, comfort us and remind us of how small we are in the great landscape of life."

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Ranging from sweeping vistas, striking aerial views, and abstract images, the photographers of Foster/White Gallery each present unique perspectives with clarity and expertise.

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Introducing: Shar Coulson

Foster/White Gallery is pleased to introduce, the artwork of painter Shar Coulson. Citing organic form as the starting point and inspiration of her work, Coulson creates pieces that dance between expansive and intimate.

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In Memoriam | James Martin 1928 - 2020

It is with love in our hearts and the joy of having the chance to know him that we say a final farewell to our sweet friend James Martin.

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Foster/White Gallery Film Feature | Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair

Foster/White Gallery recently had the pleasure of participating in a film about the Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair made by Seattle-based film production studio VIA Creatives, led by Tyler Mayeno.

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